Providing a Variety of Services to Treat Acute and Chronic Pain

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We at YYC Health Clinic specialize in treating your injuries. Our goal is simple – Eliminate your pain by healing the damaged tissues and restoring proper function, then strengthen and stabilize to prevent the problem from coming back. Please check details about the services we are currently providing below.

Our Services

YYC Health Clinic offers a wide variety of services to treat chronic pain.

  • Active Release Technique
  • Chiropractic
  • Decompression Therapy
  • Orthotics
  • Laser Therapy
  • MedX
  • Shock Wave Therapy
  • Massage Therapy and Naturopathic Services


I had worked at Alberta Back and Neck Rehab Sports Injuries Clinic before moving on to YYC Sport and Spine. Please check some of my client’s testimonials below. PS: You can check the original one in Google by clicking on each testimonial.   


I’ve had chronic back pain for over 20 years… I’ve gone to a lot of chiro’s and this IS THE BEST PLACE!!! I NEVER thought I’d get my back fixed, but Dr. Reive was able to fix my back and rescue the pain from 100% to pain level of 2 out of 10!!!! And I’m able to turn around on both sides!!! BEST chiro doc out there in Calgary!! Thank you Dr. Reive and to the amazing staff! Also check out their massages!! Jose is the booomb at massages!!!

Liam McMaster

Awesome place with welcoming front desk who are very professional. Went for Shockwave therapy for my feet with Brian Reive and have noticed significant improvements. Recommend coming here.

Mona Lee

This clinic really knows how to deal with chronic pain. The doctor I’ve met here is Dr. Reve, friendly easygoing professional, who evaluates patient’s situation carefully and will make quick adjustment based on my result after each treatment so I can recover sooner. I give it 5 stars as I’ve shown improvement after every treatment, which gives me hope again after I have been sick for 18 years. The clinic is also quiet and comfortable and beautiful. Cost is very reasonable so most persons can afford it. will recommend it to everyone with chronic pain.

Melissa Nicole

I went to Alberta Back and Neck almost a year after having been in a car accident. Having been told about the clinic from a family member who had impressive results from back treatments I booked an appointment after previously going to several other places that only gave temporary relief and no long-term results. The staff are all very nice and helpful when it comes to bookings and making sure things run on time. Dr, Reive worked with me using several different methods of therapy until we could find the right treatment to not just give temporary relief but get to the bottom of the issue. We are currently working on muscle strengthening in the hopes that it will help with my neck issues. I’m glad to have found a place that is looking for the underlying cause of my pain rather than just doing a few adjustments and sending me on my way.

Crystal Allon

I have suffered for a year with lower back issues. I tried physiotherapy and massage as well as home remedies. Eventually my doctor prescribed muscle relaxants and pain medication. It got to be so painful that I was unable to stand for any longer than 10 minutes. I was losing hope until I went to Alberta Back and Neck Rehab. After two sessions the pain started to subside. I’ve now had 4 sessions and my pain has gone from a 7 to a 3. The staff is friendly and prompt. And Dr. Reive is very thorough and explains every procedure. I am beyond impressed and would recommend anyone that experiences back and neck pain to definitely make an appointment here. My only regret is this not being the first place I tried. Thank you so much for taking away the pain!

Josie Gulliver

I am in Day 10 of my treatment for four buldged disc under the care of doctor Reeve. Using drx and laser. Highly recommend this clinic. Very professional treatments. State of the art equipment that probably not anywhere else in Canada. Happy I made this decision to avoid surgeory.

Belinda Jones

Dr. Reive at the Alberta Back & Neck Rehab clinic is the best thing to happen to me. I had an accident in April this year and have been told I need surgery and would have to wait 2 yrs. I refused to wait that long with massive pain, so I researched alternate therapy and found Dr. Reive. He gave me 3 options for my back and I chose the decompression therapy. I have been going for almost 6 weeks now and I am at about 75% back to normal and I have not taken a pain killer in over 3 weeks now. . The best part is I don’t need surgery now. The staff at Alberta Back and Neck are very friendly and informative. Thank you for helping me be able to walk without pain, I know my dogs are happy that I can walk them again… Belinda Jones.

Trish Corney

Appointment availability is always super easy to fit within a busy work schedule. The girls at the front are very friendly and personable and always greet you with a smile. Dr Reive is awesome! He explains treatment plans in detail and has a great sense of humor when working with his patients. He is efficient and his recommendations are effective within given time frames.

Sandra Wall

I have had whole back pain for over 14 years. I’ve walked away from multiple car accidents (I move but I DID hurt). To bring on my feet 7 days a week with 2 jobs. This is a call you don’t need a Drs referral. After trying everything I was tired of drs just treating my symptoms and getting no pain relief, 24/7 back pain, leg pain body aches. My last call was this wonderful place. Dr reive, DC. checked me from head to toe to see what my problem was before deciding on the treatment/rehab he would do. In approx2.5 months 2x a week my pain has gone from 10-2. I have also included massage therapy with Vicki. I am also interested in other Drs that are there for Chinese medicine and naturalpathic. They can almost in some way treat you for multipule problems ect we deal with in life. I DONT REGRET $1.00 of it. ( I make min wage). Lol. Highly recommended. JUST MAKE THE CALL.

Michelle West

Dr. Brian Reive takes the time to fully assess and treat my multiple back and neck issues. He is personable, very professional and knowledgeable in different types of treatments. I have already noticed a decrease in discomfort to live a normal daily life in just 4 treatments. By far the most success I have had in 4 years of back and neck problems. Excellent treatment thank you!!

Kent Anderlik

I have been suffering from chronic pain in my hip flexor since an injury years ago. Because I have arthritis in my hip everyone just passed the pain off as a bad hip. Dr Brian Reive reviewed my case and suggested that I have scar tissue built up since my injury years ago and started shock wave therapy on my hip. The results of the therapy are starting to take effect and causing my hip to feel better, and the service and professional manner of all the staff is excellent. Highly recommend this Clinic to everyone

Clint Olmstead

Being middle aged, other than a couple of broken bones, sprains and severely pulled muscles, I have never really experienced constant debilitating pain. Three months ago, I ended up in the ER with unbearable waves of pain shooting down my leg, across my foot and into my toes. Diagnosed with sciatica pain due to a back injury, the pain killers were not relieving the pain (I was exceeding the daily intake by 4 times) and getting little guidance from a family doctor. Previously I have never had a chiropractic, acupuncture or even a massage treatment so you can imagine my hesitation but desperation due to the pain.Based on a referral and feeling that a specialized chiropractic clinic in back injuries was needed, I started treatment with Dr. Brian Reive. He diagnosed the injury based on my descriptions, an x-ray, visual indications and years of specialized experience. After five initial treatments with little improvement, spinal decompression was started. Within a couple of DRX 9000 sessions, there was noticeable reduction in pain. I was still taking large quantities of pain killers and getting very little sleep so I also started acupuncture with Dr. Danielle Baert. During the acupuncture sessions, I felt immediate relief from the pain. With continued treatments of both decompressions and acupuncture, slowly the pain in my leg and foot reduced to a minor discomfort allowing me to stop taking pain killers and sleep through the night. Once the pain was under control, massage treatments were also required to help loosen the other muscles which were overcompensating due to the back injury and sciatica pain.

I am hopeful to make near 100% recovery and believe that the decompression and acupuncture treatments were instrumental in this. Although the process for recovery was expensive, for me the goal was to be pain free and regain my lifestyle. The staff were very helpful and friendly, showing concern in achieving a recovery for me.

Chris Jennings

I went into the office to see if I could get some help with a chronic back problem. The initial consult was very straight forward and an action plan was set. Dr. Brian reviewed my past history of treatment, assessed my condition and away we went. I have only had four follow-up treatments, but can already tell a drastic difference.

Greg Tabak

After suffering with neck pain I decided to do something about it! After just a few visits with Alberta Back and Neck clinic I already feel so much better. Dr. Reive is doing active release on my neck and although it is quite rough it feels AMAZING! With Dr. Reive’s great bedside manner and the front office staff being so efficient and welcoming would highly recommend Alberta Back and Neck clinic.

Sabrina Meldrum

The staff welcomes me by name and greets me with a friendly smile making it a much more personable experience. They are punctual, professional, and accountable. This makes for a great experience right when you walk in the door. After several years of undergoing a variety of treatments from dry needling, acupuncture, cupping, tens machine, physio, chiro, massage, and exercise I became frustrated with the pain I still endure daily.

Through a friends referral I decided to look into laser therapy treatment. After researching many different locations I found The Alberta Back & Neck rehab was the place to be. I met with Dr. Brian Reive and told him about my neck, shoulder, lower back, and knee problem. He is very knowledgeable and suggested shockwave therapy over laser therapy for my shoulder as in his experience seen greater end results. He is also currently working active release on my knee and was the first doctor in a year to send me for x-rays & ultra sound. I really appreciate all that he has done for me and feel we are making great progress.

Regarding my lower back weakness he has explained the importance to me of Muscle Isolation. I am looking forward to starting my MedX back rehab program to build up the strength in my lower back.

He also provided me with some great neck exercises to do at home and make smooth and comfortable adjustments that have helped me tremendously.

It’s been great learning about all the different options available through their office like custom foot orthotics and hydro massage therapy. There are so many more great options available & if you are feeling any pain starting anywhere from your head to your toes I highly recommend The Alberta Neck & Rehab. They have changed my life.

Liam McMaster

Awesome place with welcoming staff who are very professional. Went in for shockwave therapy with Brian Reive and have noticed significant results. Would recommend coming here.

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