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More Quick Research Reviews

 Here are some interesting studies for you.   To summarize — Chiropractic is safe, and effective. These studies look at risk of stroke (or lack thereof), safety of chiro and lumbar disc injuries, effect on migraine and headaches coming from the neck, effect on rotator cuff problems, lumbar stenosis, what happens in an adjustment, and effects…

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Can an adjustment increase strength?

Can an adjustment increase strength? According to research  in the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology – Yes it can! This study looked at the effects of spinal manipulation on muscle activity via electromyography in tibialis anterior muscle. (in english – they looked at the effect of manipulation on motor pathway excitability) I won’t get into…

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Should I stretch before working out?

Should I stretch before I work out? That depends what kind of stretching you do……. I’m going to summarize a research article on this for you and put a link to the abstract at the bottom. In short – yes you should, but dynamic stretching – not static.  So what’s the difference? Dynamic stretching is…

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