April 2019 News Letter


Office workers and recurrent low back pain

If you work at a desk, or have not been in a cave over the last year or so – you’ve probably heard that sitting at a desk for work is bad for your health (sitting is the new smoking) and not so great for your low back.

There was a study done in JMPT June 2018, vol 41, Issue 5 that looked at the risk of recurrent low back pain for office workers who have had low back pain in the past.

This study looked at 669 healthy office workers who have had a past history of low back pain (LBP) and found (no surprise) that these people indeed had an increased risk of future low back pain compared to those who had no past history of LBP.

So what does one do to reduce the risk of future LBP?

1- Take frequent desk breaks to stand, walk and stretch every hour if possible.

2- Do what you can to reduce work stress (don’t go to work – just kidding). This includes working on time management, asking for help with work loads that are overwhelming you, and working to resolve conflicts with co-workers which can be a source of a lot of mental stress.

3- See your Chiropractor for tune- ups on your back.

4- Regular exercise – even if it is just going for a daily walk has been shown to have significant health and psychological benefits.

Low level Laser and Plantar Fasciitis

We talked about Shockwave Therapy and plantar fasciitis in a past blog – so let’s look at another treatment option for this problem – since no 2 people respond the same to the same treatment.

This study was published in the Journal Medicine January 2019, and is a systematic review and meta-analysis of 6 randomized controlled trials. The conclusion is that Low Level Laser Therapy for people with Plantar Fasciitis significantly decreased heel pain and the results lasted for 3 months post treatment.

In Simple terms – low level laser helps to reduce pain and inflammation, and stimulate healing in the tissue. The nice thing is that it is not tissue specific, meaning it affects all tissue types. Be it – bone, nerve, muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, joint cartilage, or disc – there are treatment protocols to help a myriad of conditions/problems.

So for problems from heel pain from plantar fasciitis up to osteoarthritis in the neck, and most things inbetween – low level laser may be the solution you are looking for.

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